Technology Portfolio

Our current technology portfolio has five distinctive technologies that offer solutions for the global natural gas and syngas to product markets. Our technologies are designed to produce a wide range of products with carbon chains from C2 to C40. These products include petrochemicals (olefin, aromatics, MEG), transportation fuel (gasoline and diesel) and bas oil (lubricants). These technologies are based on proprietary know-how and patents from CECC and our partners. The intellectual property is focused on sophisticated catalysts and novel process engineering design. This provides critical protection for our technologies and sustainable competitive advantage. Our technologies offer an alternative option to the conventional processes that produce petrochemical and refining products from crude oil.


C-MTX: is our methanol conversion technology to convert methanol into more valuable olefins. We have completed 300k tons demonstration and are moving to 10k tons demo.

C-BD is a technology for butane (c4 olefin) dehydrogenation to butadiene, a high value olefin product.
MEG: Polymerization grade mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) can be produced from syngas.
MCO2: 90% of associated CO2 can be removed from extracted natural gas with MCO2 technology.
FT synthesis: hydrocarbon products such as naphtha, diesel, jet fuel and lubricant base oils can be produced through FT technology from syngas.
De-oil Membrane: membrane process to separate oil and water.

CECC Technology Portfolio

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